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Jasmine, White Flowered.

Jasminum officinale. Also known as Common Jasmine, Poet's Jasmine, and Perfume Jasmine. Tender perennial, hardy to 20°F. This vine is unlikely to reach its potential 30 to 40 feet height in our climate. It should be kept in a pot, staked and pruned to a manageable 4 to 5 feet. Very fragrant, small, white flowers are produced summer until fall. Used in perfumes and in food flavoring (Maraschino cherries).

Jessamine, Night Blooming.

Cestrum nocturnum. Also called Lady of the Night. Tender Perennial. Small, intensely fragrant flowers open at night, close during the day. Blooms appear in mid summer and sometimes autumn. Height 6 to 12 feet and as wide. Prune hard after flowering to keep bushy.

  • Thomas DeBaggio

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