DeBaggio's Herb Farm & Nursery
43494 Mountain View Drive
Chantilly, VA 20152
703 327 6976
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Welcome to DeBaggio's Herb Farm and Nursery!

panorama picture
View of the store and greenhouse in mid March

We are a retail only family business that began in 1975, with my father, Tom DeBaggio, selling home-propagated herb and vegetable plants from his backyard in Arlington. Many plants and greenhouses later, we were able to expand to the present-day Chantilly location in 1997, where I continue the DeBaggio tradition of growing the best quality plants.

The move to Chantilly gave us the much needed room to grow many more varieties of plants than could ever be possible in the small backyard "urban farm" in Arlington. We grow over 100,000 plants each Spring at the farm with only 5 people (3 of them do most of the transplanting)! This is the only way to ensure that our plant selection remains unparallelled and that every plant is of the highest quality. Who else sells 100 varieties of tomatoes? Although our main emphasis is growing herbs and vegetables, we also grow a significant number of annuals and perennials (many of which have traditional herbal uses). The addition of so many new vegetables, herbs, perennials and annuals brings the number of varieties we grow to nearly 1,000. In order to grow all these plants more efficiently and to reduce the wear and tear on the humans growing them, I recently purchased a machine that fills all our pots with growing medium. Seedlings and cuttings, however are still lovingly transplanted by human hands.

Unlike in Arlington, where my father could only sell what he grew, we are able to offer an increasing number of books and supplies related to fine cooking and gardening. The recent addition of the "country store" has allowed us to further compliment our already huge selection of plants. Inside you'll find wonderfully fragrant and long-lasting soaps imported from France. Also featured: organic fertilizers and pest control products, potting mix, gardening supplies, gloves, seeds, and pottery.

We look forward to seeing you. Drop by soon!

Francesco DeBaggio

  • Thomas DeBaggio

We do not ship plants
We do not wholesale.
All plants items are for sale at the farm only.