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Cynara scolymus 'Imperial Star'. 85 days. This is the first artichoke developed for the home gardener. Generally hardy in our area but may need some protection. Plants are easy to grow, reach 3 to 4 feet tall and produce 6 to 8 mature edible buds. Thomas Jefferson grew artichokes at his Montecello home.


'Jersey Knight'. Full sun to part shade. Plants will produce best in full sun but will do fairly well in a partly shaded spot. Plant in the middle of a "W" shaped trench, add high phosphate starter fertilizer. Maintain with rich compost or aged manure applied every fall or early spring. Maintain pH to at least 7.0. Do not cut back the fern like foliage until it dies back naturally. Ready for moderate harvest second spring.

  • Thomas DeBaggio

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