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Wildlife at the Herb Farm

Living on this suburban farm we come across lots of wildlife. From snakes to deer we seem to have it all. The barn seems to attract a host of critters. Groundhogs live underneath, sometimes sharing with family of foxes. Black snakes can sometimes be found headed into or out of the barn depending on the season. A neighborhood cat competes regularly with the slithery reptile for mice. Skinks scurry about the warm rocks of the pond, disappear into cracks around the barn ramp and are often found sunning themselves on my front stoop.

From time to time we are fortunate to experience some of them up close and personal. On ocassion, they stick around long enough for us to name them. I have been able to capture some of these encounters with my camera and present a few of the pictures and videos for you to enjoy.


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Baby Groundhogs
(The Chucklets)
baby groundhogs 1baby groundhogs 1 enlarged baby groundhogs 2baby groundhogs 2 enlarged baby groundhogs 3baby groundhogs 3 enlarged
baby foxes 1baby foxes 1 enlarged baby foxes 2baby foxes 2 enlarged baby foxes 3baby foxes 3 enlarged baby foxes 4baby foxes 4 enlarged baby foxes 5baby foxes 5 enlarged baby foxes 6baby foxes 6 enlarged
Momma birds just can't resist building a nest in flats of plants!
baby birds baby birds 1 enlarged baby birds baby birds 2 enlarged baby birds baby birds 3 enlarged baby birds baby birds 4 enlarged
baby rabbits 1baby rabbits 1 enlarged baby rabbits 2baby rabbits 2 enlarged baby rabbits 3baby rabbits 3 enlarged
Video of white skunk

turtle turtle enlarged
spider web spider web enlarged