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Submitted by Comments:
Brenda Zuzolo
In the early 90s, I journeyed to your family's magical garden in Clarendon. I found heaven: scented
geraniums, every variety of basil, lemon balm, and my favorite Sweet Annie. I loaded up, with my 2
little ones in tow. I returned each spring for a few years til I returned to work and sadly left my
garden less tended. But memories of Mr Debaggio's kindness and love of his herbs stuck with me
through the years. And I followed his writings with joy. Sadness hit me when I heard of his
diagnosis. And prayed for your family and friends for I know well the impacts Alzheimer's makes on
all. I call it "Death by 1000 Cuts"...the cruelest of all afflictions. I plan to make it
to your magical garden center again...I've not visited your Chantilly locale. I thought of Mr
Debaggio today and a smile came to my face. And I thanked God for having met him and for his love
of herbs and gardens....
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Submitted by Comments:
happy anonymous
Thank you for your thoughtful, intelligent, and beautiful gardening. Over the years you've taught me
a lot about rosemary (acknowledging I've only learned a fraction of your family's rosemary wisdom).
The tomatoes are delicious. I really love finding new herb varieties at DeBaggios. My Mom, sister,
and I happily bond in spring when we visit you for new plants for each growing year, thank you.
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Submitted by Comments:
Bob Miller
I returned to your website to find a clean version of "Cultivating perfect Basil" that I
copied from an early version of the Catalog. If you have that available please email it to me, I
promised some friends to provide the harvesting technique that Tom describes.
I remember the time when Francesco returned home to help Tom in the Arlington nursery.
Thank you Francesco for continuing your Dad's love of herbs.
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Submitted by Comments:
2 years ago, I decided to try planting a "critter garden" to attract butterflies,
hummingbirds and other fun visitors to watch. I did some research about which native plants would
work and to my delight, DeBaggio's had all of the ones I wanted in stock! My garden has attracted
so many wonderful critters - I'm looking forward to adding to it this season! Thanks, Debaggio's :)
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Submitted by Comments:
Some years ago on my first visit to your nursery, Mr.DeBaggio came up to me and we exchanged a few
pleasantries about the plants I was purchasing. Those few moments have never left my memory; he was
an extraordinary man of compelling presence. I am so sorry to learn that he passed last year, but
know now he has found peace. His legacy will long live in the hearts of those who knew him.
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Submitted by Comments:
Susan Watkins
Hope all is well and this mild winter hasn't messed up any of the plants i have on my long Wish list
- so far!! So looking to spring! Which the 1st day of spring for me is when i can come out to
DeBaggio's. Last year my garden was fantastic and I have a little more knowledge and want to do
even more with what i find out there this year. Thanks for all you do!
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Submitted by Comments:
Joy K Lederman
Stumbled onto this site after reading the article about Scented Geraniums on the Dave's Garden
Weekly Newsletter. Haven't found scented geraniums locally, so it's been years since I grew them (when I was living elsewhere in the country more than a decade ago). May need to make a trip down your way next spring to buy some. It was only after reading thru the site's testimonials that I realized you are the nursery and family associated with the touching series on NPR. I knew "DeBaggio's Nursery" sounded familiar; now I realize why. Yours is a heart-wrenching tale, illuminating for those of us who have not had to deal with the nightmare of Alzheimers Disease and its impact on the entire family. Thank you for sharing your lives with NPR listeners.
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Submitted by Comments:
Angie Groves

I love your website! It's user friendly. I enjoyed all of the photos of your business. I just have
to say it, "absolutely gorgeous".

Take Care!
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Submitted by Comments:
Pat Stivala-Roberts


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Submitted by Comments:
Nicholas Valiarde
I read Mr. DeBaggio's book Losing My Mind and wanted to say that I was deeply touched. I knew next to nothing about Alzheimer's before I started, and had not realized before how painful an affliction it must be for the family. My heart goes out to you, and I'll certainly keep you in my prayers.
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