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Angelica archangelica. Biennial. Fragrant, light green flowers appear atop lobed, serrated leaves in second year. Deadheading before seed formation may extend plant life. Height can reach 6-8 feet when planted in a partly shaded area.
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Anise Hyssop.

Agastache foeniculum. Perennial. Neither anise nor hyssop, this mint-appearing plant is tidy, tall, and highly ornamental. Possessed of a strong anise scent and flavor, its leaves are dried for tea and potpourri, and can be substituted for anise in baking. Although sometimes referred to as Anise mint or Korean mint, it does not spread from runners. Beautiful violet-tinged flower spikes are lovely dried. Bees love its nectar which gives a distinctive flavor to their honey. Does well in a shady spot where summers are hot.

  • Thomas DeBaggio

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