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Woodruff, Sweet.

Galium odoratum. Woodruff's practical application as a quickly spreading ground cover for shady locations, hides its former life as a sexual stimulant used in aphrodisiacs. Today its stiff green leaves, held aloft in whorls, are most often found flavoring May wine, tea, and scenting potpourri. Its leaves' distinctive aroma deepens when dried. Hardy to -35°F. Plants reach 8 to 12 inches when flowering in May.


Artemisia schmidtiana 'Silver Mound'. Perennial, hardy to below 0°F. 'Silver Mound' makes a perfectly round pillow of soft, silvery-gray foliage. A striking low centerpiece in a rock garden. Said to grow up to 12 inches tall but has reached no higher than 6 inches high in my gardens where it has proved to be non invasive, unlike some other wormwood.


Artemisia x 'Powis Castle'. Perennial, hardy to 0°F. This vigorous English hybrid forms a dense, three foot tall, mound of lacy silver foliage. Prune hard in spring to keep well-branched and bushy. Space 2 feet apart. Semi-evergreen. One of my favorite ornamental plants.
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  • Thomas DeBaggio

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